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  ZTE Blade Xmax cases | check out our cases or design your own!

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Our ZTE Blade X Max cases

When you just bought a ZTE Blade X Max you of course want te keep it undamaged for as long as possible. The very big device has an unwieldy size for most hands, which makes it harder to keep your phone away from falling. The vingerprint scanner is a essential part of the device. To be able to use your phone all the time we recommend using good protection. There a different ways to protect your phone. You could use a case that protect both, front- and backside or a case that's only protecting the back of your ZTE Blade X Max. If you choose a case which is only giving protection to the back of your phone, we recommend using a screen protector on the front.

Make it your own!

The ZTE Blade X Max is not only having the same size as the ZTE Blade Z Max, it also looks almost the same. Our ZTE Blade X Max cases don't only protect your phone, they're also adding some extra style. Choose for example a case from our marmer collection or decide to make a ZTE Blade X Max case yourself! You just have to choose your dearest photo, upload and place it en you're done!
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