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  ZTE Blade X cases

ZTE Blade X Case

The ZTE Blade X Case can keep up with your every day life perfectly. It has a large screen so it allows you to view everything perfectly. Unlike some other smartphones it comes with a SD card slot, meaning that you can easily expand it's memory space. This especially comes in handy if you like to take a lot of pictures and videos with your device. As the camera of the ZTE Blade X shows off a pretty impressive performance, it is super popular amongst people that like to take very artsy shots. Like with all smartphones, you are of course also able to listen to your favorite songs with your device. Because of its special audio system, you can enjoy your music even more since it produces very high quality and sharp sounds.  On top of that, the device is equipped with a vey strong battery, so you do not have to worry about finding a power socket anytime soon when you are out and about, taking many pictures or listening to your music for a long time. 
Of course, ZTE also cares about the security of all the things that you keep on your phone. That is why they equipped the ZTE Blade X with a fingerprint reader, so that only you are able to unlock it! 
All of this makes your phone extremely precious so it would be extremely frustrating if you ruin it by accidentally dropping it only once. That's why you should protect your phone with a phone case so that you can avoid it getting scratched up or cracked. 

ZTE Blade X Cover

Our Softcases provide your phone with perfect protection. Since they are made of silicon they are able to absorb any kind of impact your phone is exposed to. Also, the material adds a little more grip to your phone, so accidentally dropping your phone will not happen as often anymore! 
Order a Cover for ZTE Blade X today! 

Create a Custom ZTE Blade X Case

If you would like to make your phone and ZTE Blade X Case a little bit more special and personal, then we recommend going for a custom case. You can get your favorite picture printed onto your case, a unique pattern or any other image or graphic that you like. 
All you need to do to create your personal ZTE Blade X Cover is go to our custom page and select the brand and model of your phone. After that you can upload your image and add some text to it if you would like to make it even more unique. Once that is done, the case for ZTE Blade X is almost ready. You just need to fill in all of your details and place the order. 
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